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LaPorta Geological Consultants Research Projects, Past and Present

Thank you for your interest in the research projects of LaPorta Geological Consultants staff!  In this section, you will find the references and abstracts of monographs, journal articles, theses and dissertations of several LGC researchers.  LaPorta Geological Consultants was formed with the idea that our profits would be used to fund scientific research.  A portion of our proceeds are donated to the Center for the Investigation of Native and Ancient Quarries, a  501.c3 non-profit education charter and research facility.  We remain firmly committed to that vision today.  Below is a sample of the research that our profits have been able to support.  Our sincerest gratitude to our clients, who made this support possible.

****These materials are made available solely for educational and research purposes.  Please respect our commitment to academic integrity and our understanding of the underlying principle in advancing the pursuit of scientific knowledge: disclosure and diligent citation.



Brewer-LaPorta, M., Burke, A., and Field, D., (eds.), Ancient Quarries and Mines: A Trans-Atlantic Perspective: Oxbow Press, Oxford, U.K.


ABSTRACT: This volume has its origins in a series of meetings on prehistoric mines and quarries held at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Symposium in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2006.  These included symposium and poster sessions that investigated a variety of aspects of recent work, along with a workshop to discuss international nomenclature, and were among the first events arranged by the Prehistoric Quarries Interest Group of the SAA.  The interest group generated a resolve to establish further workshops and events in future years in order to encourage and stimulate new ideas and provide a catalyst for new areas of research.  Some of the contributions made were to be published elsewhere, but others have been brought together as a follow up to a similar set of papers from an earlier meeting, The Cultural Landscape of Prehistoric Mines edited by Peter Topping and Mark Lynott in 2005 and published by Oxbow Books.  Essays are loosely grouped into matters dealing with the old world, ancient world and the new world, rather than by rock or quarry type, or by period.  The contributions range from those dealing with ethnography to those with a geochemical approach, from excavation to survey to conservation, all of which serve to reflect the wide ranging approaches currently being applied to the subject.



LaPorta, P., Minchak, S., and Brewer-LaPorta, M., The Life and History of Extraction Tools Excavated from the Skene Motion and Workshop, Hartford Basin, Champlain Valley, New York, U.S.A., in Brewer-LaPorta, M., Burke, A., and Field, D., (eds.), Ancient Quarries and Mines: A Trans-Atlantic Perspective: Oxbow Press, Oxford, U.K.



ABSTRACT: The Skene quarry and associated workshop yield particular insights into the types of tools necessary for the extraction of cherts from low inclination (14-15 degree) rock beds and for the processing of extracted ore in a setting deficient in abundant raw materials.  The Skene quarry typically yields numerous exhausted quarry implements; however, less than expected numbers were recovered.  The workshop associated with the quarry revealed a wealth of recycled quarry and processing tools, including wedges and debris resulting from the refashioning of mining implementos into forms necessary for ore processing.