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Quarry Studies
Lithic Analysis

Critical to the success of any investigation is a clear understanding of site stratigraphy and the processes involved in landscape evolution. Without a predictive model for site formation, archaeologists run the risk of missing sensitive areas that deserve intensive study and spending too much time in areas that will not contribute worthwhile information to the investigation.

LaPorta Geological Consultants can provide you with the geomorphological information you need to plan a successful investigation. We perform the analysis of deep tests and construct profiles of excavations, as well as conduct landscape interpretative studies, background research, and sediment and soil descriptions. Reports include a description of the soils history based on a broad knowledge and understanding of quantitative sedimentology and process-oriented geomorphology. We specialize in the dynamics of fluvial (riverine), glacial, and periglacial environments. Our quantitative approach can be integrated on the intra-site level to aid in understanding site formation processes, or expanded to shed light on site development at the regional level.

Our experience in depositional processes and sedimentology also permits us to integrate data from Vibracores and borings for paleoenvironmental reconstructions and cultural resource sensitivity assessments in coastal settings. We can do the same analyses for shallow marine environments, where submerged Paleoindian sites may be a concern.

***Updated Spring, 2014