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Philip C. LaPorta
Margaret C. Brewer-LaPorta
Scott A. Minchak
Jamie McIntyre
Michael A. Conrow

Jamie McIntyre




Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 1978







Anthropology and History, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA,  Magna Cum-Lada, 1976

Professional Experience



LaPorta and Associates, Geological Consultants, Archaeologist and Environmental Specialist






Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Dunmore, PA., District Archaeologist and Assistant Environmental Manager






Litigation Support Services, Washington, D.C., Supervisor and researcher for the creation of databases used in large, class-action lawsuits.






Document Automation Project Manager, Stanford, CT., and Wilkes Barre, PA., Supervisor, researcher, and quality-control manager for creation of databases used in large, class-action lawsuits. 






Sallie Mae Corporation, Wilkes Barre, PA., Manager for loan acquisition, document storage and loan originations.






Document Automation Project Manager,Wilkes Barre, PA., Editor for legal documents used in large, class-action lawsuits and Billing Analyst for interpreting contracts with clients to determine billables and protocols for reimbursement.






First Investors Corporation, Columbus, OH., NASA-Licensed Mutual Funds, Financial Advisor and Analyst.






Wright State University, Dayton, OH., Assistant Regional Preservation Officer, Director of Contract Archaeology.






Pennsylvania Historical and Research Commission, Harrisburg, PA., Field Director.






Virginia Research Center for Archaeology, Williamsburg, VA., Crew Member, Excavation of North Carolina Governor William Drummonds Plantation.





University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA., NSF Laboratory Director for Meadowcraft Rock Shelter.

University of Tennessee, McClung Museum, Knoxville, TN.,Crew Member, Excavation of Two Archaic Sites along the Little Tennessee River.


University of Pittsburgh, Avella, PA., Crew Member, Excavation of rockshelter, Avella Mound, and Farfutia Village and Field School.






University of Pittsburgh, PA., Crew Member, Fort McIntosh, Excavation fo 18th c. Revolutionary War Fort.






California State University, CA., Crew Member, Excavation of Monongahela Native American Village.






California State University, CA., Crew Member, Excavation of 18th c. fortified homestead, Fort Gaddis.


-Papers were presented at the following conferences:


  • Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology
  • PennDOT Environmental Managers Meeting
  • Eastern States Archaeological Federation
  • Byways to the Past
  • A1F05 of the Transportation Research Board

Committee Participation (while at PennDOT)

  • Native American Consultation and Guidelines
  • Programmatic Agreement Consultation
  • Section 4(f) Guidelines
  • GIS Committee
  • Historic Bridge Committee
  • PHMS State Archaeological Guidelines

Research and Professional Honors

  • CEC New Jersey, Eight Street Bridge Award
  • CEC Pennsylvania, Diamond Award-Tunkhannock Bridge

Continuing Education

  • Native American Coordination
  • Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
  • Cultural Resource Management for Project Managers
  • Changes to 36CFR800, Implementing Regulations of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
  • Species of Special Concern-Sponsored by the PennDOT Bureau of Design
  • Species of Special Concern-Sponsored by the FHWA
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Act
  • Introduction to 4(f) of the National Transportation Act, and Overview of Section 404/405.
  • Categorical Exclusion/Environmental Assessment Expert System
  • USACOE Reg. IV Training Course:  Wetland Identification and Delineation; Pike County and Raystown
  • USACOE Reg. IV Training Course: Atypical/Problem Solutions; Pike County and Raystown
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)/Project Development and Section 4(f)
  • PennState, Worthington, PA. Campus, Microsoft Excel I.
  • Dealing with Media Training
  • OSHA 8-Hour Training: General Training
  • OSHA Confined Space Training
  • Environmental Justice (Cultural Diversity)
  • General Permit II
  • Plant Identification

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